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Periodic Classiication Of Elements NCERT ch 5, class 10th Solutions

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ABOUT THE CHAPTER: Periodic classification of elements .

The chapter periodic classification of elements included in NCERT deals with classifying elements that are found in the earth in an organised form in the periodic table . Periodic table is a organised table in which every discovered element is organised according to the properties and behavior it exhibit. The periodic table organizes  elements according to their types Рfor example all metals,non metals,noble gases are listed together . The idea of organizing periodic table was noble one and the logic behind organizing the elements is awesome for example Рthe elements are listed such that if we move from top to down the elements size follows a fixed fashion . The whole table is divided into different blocks according to their properties . The table has also left certain places vacant for the elements to be discovered in future ,but whenever they will be discovered they will have the same property as the vacancy will allow them to follow . Ncert  at 10th standard just provides us the little introduction about the Periodic Table . While going through the chapter the students are requested to learn elements name along with their atomic number up-to 20 ,questions related to these elements are frequently asked in board exams .Students will again face periodic table in higher classes but with detailed approach , stay tuned .


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