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Heredity and Evolution Chapter 9- Class 10th NCERT SCIENCE Solutions

The chapter relates  Evolution of life on earth and how the newer organism developed themselves and what properties they share in common with the ancestors as defined by there heredity . Lets define heredity -according
to Wikipedia “Heredity refers to the transfer of characteristics
from parents to offspring” . This also gives us the little idea
about the how Life would have evolved over earth , about how nature
have transformed ourselves to our present avatar .Heredity and
Evolution is a very sophisticated topic and there is always
researches going on how we have evolved . Those students who find
this chapter interesting can go for detailed study in higher classes .

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The chapter deals with the evolution various living organism found
on earth . This chapter gives variety of information related to
organisms found on earth and how they were evolved from their
earlier counterparts , also what property the newer beings share
with the ancestors . Students should be interested knowing how
these organisms are classified based on the characteristics and behaviors they share in common for example-their skeleton structures , presence of fins and gills in fishes . Those students who are not interested may find this burden .
For helping you  in preparing for the exams we provide you
the solutions to this chapter in organised and easy to understand


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