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Diversity In living Organism ch.7 class 9 Science NCERT Solutions

The chapter is related to Biodiversity . As per Wikipedia  ” Biodiversity refers to the variety and variability of life present in our ecosystem “.  This also gives us the little idea about the genetic variations found on earth . If we see the scope of BIODIVERSITY the chapter included in Ncert is very limited .  Ncert only provides us the little introduction about the Diversity of Living Organism . Those students who find this chapter interesting  can go for detailed study in higher classes mainly  Class 11 and 12 t h .

 CLASS  9th ,Chapter -7  -The Diversity Of Living Organisms  .

For helping you students in preparing for the exams we provide you the solutions to this chapter in organised and easy to understand manner . This time  we have included  solutions for chapter end exercises  in our material .

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The chapter deals with the various diversity of living organism found on earth . This chapter is very important not only from examination point of view but also from gaining knowledge about the existence of life on earth  .
This chapter gives variety of information related to organisms found on earth and how they were classified in different groups based on the similarities they share . Students should be interested in  knowing how these organisms are classified and what properties or characteristics they share in common , it is also very common question that is often asked in board exams  .


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