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ABOUT THE CHAPTER : Coordinate Geometry 

As per Wikipedia , ” Cartesian coordinate Geometry is a coordinate system that specifies each point uniquely in a plane by a pair of numerical coordinates( Numerical coordinates are signed distances to the some point from two fixed axes , generally X axis and Y axis , measured in same unit of length .) “. These two coordinate axes generally meet at some point called origin and it has coordinates as (0,0) .
In coordinate geometry we measure the location of any point in the plain with the help of its coordinates . The coordinates are measured with reference from origin .
The scope of Coordinate Geometry with very big but CBSE has included only its limited amount in its coursebook NCERT for just introducing what it deals with .CBSE has introduced students with Coordinate Geometry at the beginner level at class 9th and then has given the advanced form of coordinate Geometry in class 10th . One who finds Coordinate geometry interesting can go forwards for further studies .But moving with the scope of NCERT we provide you the solutions to the NCERT solutions to coordinate Geometry .

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