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Carbon And Its Compound,Ch 4 Class 10th | NCERT SCIENCE


Do you know that every living organism is made from carbon ?? Sound little interesting !! . Yes it is true , every living organism is composed of carbon . Lets make ourselves little familiar with carbon and its compounds . As per Wikipedia-  ” Compounds Of carbon are the chemical substances that contains carbon as one of its constituents “. The compounds containing carbons are called organic compounds . The Chapter contains basic information about carbon such as its properties , its different forms( Diamond And Graphite etc) .Students are requested to thoroughly understand the basic concepts of covalent bonds of carbon , its tetra-valency and its ability to form large chains called catenation property .

Free PDF Solutions : Carbon And Its Compounds Ch 4, Class 9th

Free solutions for CBSE NCERT Chapter 4 –“Carbon and Its Compounds” can be downloaded from the link given below . ——



The Chapter included in the NCERT about carbon and its compounds deals with base level knowledge about carbon and its properties . The chapter contains further links with the organic chemistry that students have to face in higher classes , so every student is needed to fully memorize its contents . We have provided solutions to the chapter end exercises that will guide you to do better in the exams .


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