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The Brook Ch.6 English Solutions & Summary : NCERT Class 9

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The brook Chapter 6 Summary : Class 9


NOTE – Brook is the synonym for – “a small river”.

In this poem Alferd,Lord Tennyson has compared the life journey of
a human with the journey of a river flowing down the mountain .The
poet says that the brook takes birth from a quite and beautiful place
where many of the water birds( hern and coot) often visit. The brook
flows chattering and babbling down its origin near the mountains and
valleys , here the poet has compared the river’s state to that an
infant when born is full of energy and power .In these lines the poet
has used the words like babble and chatter to signify the energy in
the river .
Tennyson has displayed the initial stages of both human and brook to
be cheering and energetic and in the end he has shown the brook to be
dissapearing in the rivers just like humans dissapers after
completing his life .

The poet says that the brook crosses many villages(20 to be specific
in number ),little towns, fifty bridges & large number of mountains
and valleys. The brook is full of fishes, flowers, weeds,pebbles
which signifies life just like humans . The others symbols of life
that poet has used are graylings, trout . The poet has closely
depicted the life of humans to that of the brook .

When the brook is near to the its end , the brook slows down. The
poet uses the words like steal, slide , murmur, loiter, linger . The
human also shows the similar anology as his body becomes weak and
prone to diseases .At last the poet has used the lines that says that
“Men may take birth and die. But the brook flows for ever” – unlike
so many similarities between human and brook there is only one
difference that the brook flows flawlessly but humans lifespan ends
after short time .
In other words the brook does not meet its end, the time when it
meets a bigger river it gets transformed into a river and then flows
forever .

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