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Atoms And Molecules Ch 3 – Class 9th | NCERT SCIENCE


Do you know how every object  found in nature is organised  . If you look with the microscopic point of view you will find that all materials are composed of little sub-units  called atoms , these are basically the building blocks of everything that is known to us . Yes, it is true everything known to us is composed of the fundamental building blocks called atoms . Atoms are the smallest unit of any substance . The Chapter contains such basic information about atoms and its properties . Atoms altogether forms molecules and compounds . Every element is unique of its kind and it has its unique atoms and surely it will have its unique properties . Students are requested to thoroughly understand the basic concepts of Atoms and Molecules , difference between them and what unique property they have .

Free PDF Solutions :Atoms and Molecules Ch 3 , Class 9th

You can download the free Solutions to the chapter Atoms And molecules in the form of PDF from the link below .



The Chapter included in the NCERT deals with base level knowledge about Atoms and Molecules. The chapter has links with the chapter Periodic Classification of elements and with the Inorganic Chemistry , so every student is requested to fully understand its this chapter . In our material we have provided solutions to the – chapter end exercises that will guide you to do better in the exams .


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