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ABOUT THE CHAPTER :   Arithmetic progression ,Chapter 1 -Class 10th Mathematics

As per Wikipedia , “an arithmetic progression, generally denoted by (AP) ,commonly referred by another name as “arithmetic sequence” – is a sequence of numbers that differ with each other by a common difference ” ie.  if we subtract the two consecutive numbers from each other the difference comes to be equal .
The chapter has one basic formula for calculating nth term of the sequence (a)n = a1 + (n – 1 ) x d
where (a)n = nth term
n = which term of the sequence you want to find .
d = common difference [ (a)n – (a)n-1 ]

CBSE has included Arithmetic progression in NCERT class 10 mathematics course book .
Arithmetic Progression is an easy topic but if not understood properly it can prove fatal to your report card . Sometimes examiner put lengthy questions from this chapter . So, for helping you with your course we are providing you with our material over Arithmetic Progression .

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GENERAL TIPS FOR CBSE Exams : Mathematics

Students must attend all those questions first that for which he is confident . And you must keep it in your practice that you should attend questions with highest
marks first because in early hours you are with fresh mind so it will be easier for you to solve high difficulty questions without taking much pain &  students are requested to solve less marks questions at last ,because if it happens that you are not able to complete your solutions in time then you will lose less marks .
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