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Acid Bases And Salt Ch.2 Class 10th | NCERT SCIENCE Solutions

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Everybody must have at least heard about these three terminologies ,ACID ,BASES, SALTS in their life . The general definition of an acid will comes out from our mind – anything that is sour in taste is called acid and similarly anything that is bitter in taste is called a base. But that’s  not the actual definitions and these definitions will not make you score good in exams . So lets quickly go through the actual formal definition of ACID , as per Wikipedia “an acid is a molecule or an ion capable of donating an HYDROGEN proton( H+) or capable of forming a covalent bond with the electron bond ” and a base is defined as ” anything that is capable of accepting proton ions or they contain completely or partially displaceable (Oh-) ions .

Like acids and Bases , Salts are the ionic compounds that results from the neutralization reaction of acids and bases . Salts comprises cations and anions . Acids and Bases being fatal to touch , forms salt that are neutral in nature .
Acids bases and salts find its use in inorganic chemistry . Students are requested to learn the concepts of acids ,bases and Salts and their properties too . For Board-exams students are requested to at least remember the names of 5 acids and bases, with their formulas .


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